Seconds from the performance!

People say that it’s difficult to forget a performance at Carnegie Hall. I surely will never forget the evening of Thursday April 21, 2016.I performed as a bass with the Yale Glee Club in the Yale Symphony Orchestra 50th Anniversary Celebration Concert in Carnegie Hall. That night, I also had a computer science problem set due. Naturally, as a prudent student, I finished the problem set earlier in the week and since then have been brainstorming edge cases in my spare time (I mean, is there a better use of spare time?).

On my way down from the green room, I came up with an edge case idea. Literally five minutes before the performance, I pulled out my phone and ssh’d into the computer cluster to test my code (thanks Terminus!). It did not pass. I went on stage and performed Elgar’s Land of Hope and Glory from “Coronation Ode”.

During the next piece, which was orchestra only, I ran through possible solutions in my head. After performing Bernstein’s Celebrations from “Mass”, my ideas were solidified. On my way back to the green room, I continued to make the minor update and ran the edge case again. It worked!

Carnegie Hall after the performance

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