One quiet Saturday night shift at the Yale Center for Engineering, Innovation, and Design (CEID), I decided to walk into the stock room and looked around. A lonely plastic tube was lying in the corner so I decided to befriend it. A few moments later, I put some LEDs inside, slap on a switch, and connect a battery… and thus, the foundations of the Lightsaber Workshop were laid.

Not long after, with the help of Betsy Li, that tinkering transformed into a workshop for members of the CEID.

The process is split into two sections: (1) Electronics and (2) Hilt Crafting


Here, we teach members about a very simple circuit involving just an LED strip, button, and a switch. Since most workshop attendees have generally never done this kind of thing before, we also take this opportunity to teach attendees how to solder. If anyone is up to the challenge, we also discuss how colors can be mixed with variable resistors connected to each of the RGB channel.


Hilt Crafting

This primarily consists of sawing the tubes to the correct lengths and drilling holes into the tubes for wires and setscrews to hold the inner tube. We teach members the best practices to saw and drill safely and efficiently.



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