Have you ever wished you could have a personal jazz ensemble with you everywhere you go?

Do you get bored listening to the same recordings over and over again?

We have! That’s why we’re introducing you to the revolutionary…

Jazz-o-Tron 7800

A modular virtual jazz ensemble

GUI of the Jazz-o-Tron 7800

What is the Jazz-o-Tron 7800?

We’re glad you asked. The Jazz-o-Tron 7800 is the 7800th iteration of the Jazz-o-Tron. The Jazz-o-Tron is a jazz improvisor where you can generate a simple jazz tune with just the push of a button. Every time you generate a score, a new chord progression is generated so no two times are exactly the same (unless you set the same seed :P). The Jazz-o-Tron then generates an improvisor melody on top of the chord progression for you to enjoy. The best part? It can play the score for you too! So this means hours upon hours of music bliss!

Hear Some Examples

How do I get it?

The program and the source code is available for the magical price of $0. Yes, you read that right! Hop over to github and download your very own Jazz-o-Tron 7800 today!

The Team

Jazz-o-Tron 7800 is brought to you by Team Apostrophe, consisting of Pong Trairatvorakul, Pauli Xu, and Sophia Eller.

How does it work?

  1. Generate lead sheet information with chord and scale using automata
  2. Generate rhythm section (piano, bass, drums) score based on lead sheet
    1. Piano choose Charleston, Block, or Arpeggiated pattern
    2. Bass choose walking bass line, whole notes, or alternating 1-5 pattern
    3. Drums choose from a few presets
  3. Generate soloist melody based on lead sheet and combination of “skills”
    1. Scale selection can be based on lead sheet or also by sidestepping
    2. Pitch skills include chromatic walks, diatonic walks, rolls around given pitch, repeated pitch, etc.
    3. Duration skills include playing default durations, syncopation, and mixture of beat types.

Disclaimer: The contents of this post may or may not have been slightly exaggerated. Reader discretion is advised.

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