What is the AV Team?

At the start of my term as co-president of Davenport Pops Orchestra (DPops) in 2016, I established the AV team with the primary objective to create professional quality media content of the orchestra. We were very fortunate to have a solid team in our inaugural year, led by our Orchestra Manager, Ryan Lim.

Concert Videos

Check out more of our concert videos on our Youtube Channel!

Promotional Videos

These short skits are usually released a week before our concert to help get the audience even more excited about the concert! The main goal was to create content that will appear on people’s Facebook newsfeed. They should be interesting enough to capture attention and then eventually cause the audience to want to come to the concert. An added benefit is now we can look back at them and have a good laugh!

Winter is Coming: Red Wedding from the Game of Thrones

DPops Finds Love: Phantom of the Opera

DPops Catches ’em All: Pokemon

DPops Summons the Heroes: E.T.

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