The thing I come to realize is that an organization with many moving parts like the Yale University Guild of Carillonneurs greatly benefits from an effective content management system.

As I enter my fourth year in the group, and third year as its webmaster, I come to realize the nuances and requirements needed. Here are some of the features I have implemented so far:

Harkness Tower Tour Requests

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The Guild receives many tour requests on a regular basis and it becomes almost impossible to co-ordinate them purely by email. The tour request page has been created and refined throughout the years. Currently, anyone interested in ta tour can request a date and time for the tour. Guild members who play during that time will then get an automated email of the request while all requests are available as a table on the members section fo the site. In addition, admins can also block off certain days if tours are not available.

Digital Music Library

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This system allows Guild members to quickly search through our 4,000-piece catalog and easily discover new pieces. Search is done via DataTables, utilizing server-side processing interfaced with a MySQL database. Once Guild members find pieces they like, they can add them to their virtual “binders”. Other Guild members can see who else is playing the piece to decrease the amount of repeated pieces.

Practice Room Reservation

During Heel, a 5-week long process where dozens of Yale students attempt to join the Guild of Carillonneurs, the practice rooms are often heavily utilized. In order to allocate time fairly, we developed an online practice room reservation system known as “Heel Manager” where current and aspiring members can book practice slots with just a click or tap of a finger.

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