I joined the Yale University Guild of Carillonneurs in Fall 2014. Since then, I’ve arranged a few pieces for the instrument and performed them from time to time.

Game of Thrones Theme
Yes, it’s what you think it is.

The first version was arranged in February 2015 and is a combination of the main theme with Rains of Castamere in the middle.

During June 2017, we received a request to play the Game of Thrones theme during a wedding in the Branford College courtyard right after the couple say “I do”. Since the Rains of Castamere has certain connotations which may not be entirely suitable for a (not-red) wedding, I decided to arrange a different version that did not include the theme. I also took this opportunity to update the arrangement with other techniques I’ve learnt over the past three years.

The Four Seasons
As a violinist, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons has a soft spot in my heart. One of my long term goals is to arrange all four concertos for the carillon. To emulate the concerto instrumentation with a violins soloist, the arrangements are duets with one soloist part and one tutti part.

That’s Why I Chose Yale
August 2015
At the start of the 2015 – 2016 academic year, the Guild was asked to play some “Yale Songs” as freshmen walk out of a ceremony. Naturally, we have existing arrangements of the fight song and other traditional pieces. However, I realize that we were still missing a song that may have played a role in why they chose Yale so I decided to arrange it for the carillon!

Whiffenpoofs Song & Gaudeamus Igitur
May 2015
In March 2015, during a trip to the Wanamaker Organ in Philadelphia, we met a man who was working on a documentary of organs. Part of the documentary includes the Newbury Organ in Woolsey Hall at Yale, so he asked us to play some traditional Yale tunes on the carillon which would then transition into the organ.

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