Hello and Sawasdee Krup (สวัสดีครับ)!


My name is Pong Trairatvorakul, thanks for visiting my site!

You may also see me sometimes mentioned as Prawat Trairatvorakul which is my full legal Thai name.

Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, I am now a senior Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS) major at Yale University.

My story begins at a young age when I started to investigate and attempt to piece together how the world works. Now that I’m older, I have both narrowed down and broadened this childhood sense of curiosity. Through my formal studies in EECS, not only have I gained a deeper understanding in the field, I have also gained a methodical mindset to help me analyze and break down how the world functions.

Naturally, this curiosity funnels into a desire to create.

As a programmer, I often find processes that can be streamlined by a short elegant program. When I design solutions, I usually ask myself what other possibilities does the solution open up? In a sense, technology itself is not only a solution, but also a platform for further inspiration.

As a maker, I also love making ideas come to life in a tangible way. It is possible to think and talk about amazing ideas endlessly, but until the idea is realized, that idea only exists in our heads.

Want to learn more about me?

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